An avid learner disguised as an educator who likes to explore and be challenged in all things.

Since the age of six, I have been a student, a teacher, or both. Experience tells me education is a healthy balance of what the learner wants and what the learner needs. I have a growth mindset for good reason, going from a disruptive and underachieving student in K-12 who went on to graduate with a BA from UIUC, and an MA from NAU; from a curious traveler teaching children and exploring distant cultures abroad to a career educator of young adults;  and from a young man in his 20s, embattled with student debt, emerging as a debt-free husband, father, and devoted family man. I frequently envision similar growth transformations in every one of my students. Further interests of mine include spending time outdoors with my family; swimming, tennis, and frisbee golf; classic literature; video games: VR, RPG, MMORPG, or FPS; and working on personal projects and professional growth related to education in my free time such as Teaching Materials, Articles and Blogs, and Presentations.